Parachute Systems are manufactures of high quality parachutes and associated equipment
We are one of the few manufacturers in the world who make complete systems - harness container, main parachute and reserve, as well as military combat systems

Parachute Systems

Understanding the Need for Evolution in the Pursuit of Freedom

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Parachute Systems is represented by a number of dealerships across the world, including the USA, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, New Zealand, Spain, Belgium, Russia and, of course, South Africa.


NEWS FLASH - 9 November 2014

Parachute Systems receives the PGS Trophy for manufacture or design in the South African Recreational Aviation Industry

Parachute Systems received the PGS Trophy for manufacture or design in the South African Recreational Aviation Industry last evening at the yearly Aero Club Annual Awards Dinner at the Swatskops Air Force museum. The award was accepted by Christopher Dales, founder and managing director of Parachute Systems.

*This is a huge honor and I am very proud to have received this recognition from such a prestigious organization. I feel very privileged to have been able to work and be involved in the sport that I love and with the skydiving community who have been such loyal and great friends to me and Parachute Systems.”

Dales is an avid skydiver and started his “pursuit of freedom” in 1974.  He has represented South Africa in nine world championships. Dales’ interest in making parachutes and related gear was formed and initiated in Paris where he trained with Parachute de France for a year. He also obtained his master rigger qualification in the United States of America shortly after leaving France. He is also a PASA Master Parachute Technician and Evaluator.

Dales is constantly evolving and re-designing his products to stay current with newer trends and directions in the sport. Dales makes sure of it that Parachute Systems offers its customers a unique, outstanding quality, competitively priced, TSO licensed, all-inclusive system that is clearly distinguishable.

Parachute Systems is based in Durban and started in 1984. The Company takes great pride in being the only fully owned and operated skydiving manufacturer in South Africa.

Dales’ thanks his success in his career to his ‘loyal friends” in the skydiving world who have kept his product visible in their own endeavours and adventures and in their pursuit of freedom!

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Colleen Renew

Chris Dales Award



Chris Dales of Parachute Systems participated in World Team 222 Record Attempt
at Eloy, Arizona in April 2014
Click on the image to watch the video

Skydiving world record: World Team working on 222-person jump in Eloy

Parachute Systems co sponsors Fly it Forward World Team Eloy April 2014

Parachute Systems

Parachute Systems exhibits AAD 2014

Parachute Systems participated in the PIA Symposium in Daytona on 24th March


Parachute Systems exhibits in Kenya Sept 2013

Parachute Systems' Chris Dales jumps POPS event Deland, Florida, USA November 17th, 2013

Chris Dales jumps in 110 way two point record deland Florida November 2013